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We are a Virtual Coffee Bar

Our Mission is to Educate Coffee Enthusiasts A Little Bit Every Day

Every day tens of tousands of people across the globe are looking to learn sometihng about coffee.

Many are looking to buy coffee making equipment. Others are looking to buy roasted beans or grind. Still others are looking to pick up home roasting equipment and green coffee beans.

What I particularly enjoy though is teaching people how to make better coffee with the equipment they already own!

No mater why you are here I am super glad to have you and I sincerly hope you can and will learn something about the coffee industry that you dodn't know before.

What Purpose Does a Virtual Coffee Bar Have?

Our purpose is customer education and empowerment... but even within that our mission can be broken down into four general baskets.
  • We teach our customers how to brew better coffee
  • We help consumers compare various products against each other
  • We compile recommended product lists complete with reviews
  • and finally, we answer any and all questions surrounding the coffee industry we come across

Our Preferred Coffee is Always Fair Trade Certified

GGC doesn’t just love coffee – we love good coffee and we love the people that toil endlessly to produce the best coffees in the world.

For that reason we only recommend the best coffees from the most socialy responisble producers.

I hope you'll take some time to review this page where we go into greater detail on why Fair Trade coffee tends to be some of the best quality beans on the market making it a great value to the consumer and great way of supporting the producers which many of us will never meet in our lives.

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