The 9 Best Coffee Grinders Of 2022 (w/ Reviews)

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Here are the best coffee grinders:

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best electric burr coffee grindersElectric Burr Coffee Grinders
A really, really good cup of coffee requires three basic things: fresh beans, ground consistently, and brewed correctly. No matter how you prefer to make your coffee you will probably buy good beans and learn how to brew it correctly. You will however have to buy a top of the line coffee grinder if you want your cup of coffee to taste it’s best. This page is essentially our buyers guide for high-end consumer grade electric burr coffee grinders. Do not buy a grinder without consulting our list.

Small Electric Burr Coffee Grinders
Coffee Maker With Burr Grinder
Small Manual Coffee Grinder
Coffee Grinder For French Press

Best Manual Coffee GrindersManual Burr Coffee Grinders
Electric burr grinders can be extremely expensive if you buy the best models. Although the best manual models are still more expensive than the cheapest electric grinders you can still buy the best manual grinder without breaking the bank. Here is our guide to the manual grinders which are surprisingly very good for their prices… you just have to bring some manual labor to the table.

Camping Coffee Grinders
Manual Wooden Box Coffee Grinders

best blade coffee grinderBlade Coffee Grinders
Blade grinders are frequently used for spices and small food processing jobs in the kitchen and they work in a pinch as a backup electric grinder for coffee. We do advice our price sensitive customers to go for blade grinders from time to time so if you are going to get one you might as well get the best since categorically they are so cheap.

Best Espresso Coffee GrindersEspresso Grinders
If you are an espresso enthusiast and operate an espresso machine in your home then you know how sensitive the quality of your coffee is to the consistency of the espresso grind you produce. Most people start off with low end grinders which may be perfectly fine for drip-style coffee but to make the best espresso possible you really should get a dedicated grinder. This page features our best advice on grinding coffee for espresso and reviews the best options for the home barista.

All Baratza Grinders Compared
Burr Coffee Grinders With Different Grind Settings

Here are all the coffee grinder informational posts and comparisons on the website:

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