These Are The Best Non-Coffee K-Cups Available

There are a ton of different k-cups you can use in your Keurig or in your third party branded k-cup coffee maker.

Most of of those k-cups are various types (and roasts) of coffee but there are also lots of non-coffee k-cups that are worth trying too.

On this page I wanted to share with you some of my absolute favorite k-cups that I buy regularly for use in my home and then point you to my recommendation pages for various types of k-cups you can buy depending on what you actually like.

For the most part I only buy most of these K-cups only every now and then but when I get them my wife and I go through them pretty fast – they are kind of like a treat.

The Apple Cider and Hot Chocolate K-Cups are probably the most frequently purchased non-coffee options I buy because the kids love them too. They are also the K-Cups that we go through the fastest too.

We tend to buy the ______ hot chocolate K-cups the most even though they aren’t probably the best mostly because they are the ones my oldest kids like more than the others.

For apple cider our kids drink some of them too but mostly it’s my wife and I splurging when we brew them so we tend to buy the better quality stuff. Our favorite is the _______.

It’s definitely not cheap but it’s really good.

During the Fall and Holiday season we are a lot like everyone else and tend to get a pack or two of eggnog and pumpkin spice drinks. Our favorite pumpkin spice is this tea: ______ while our favorite eggnog k-cup is this eggnog flavored coffee: ______.

Throughout the rest of the year we tend to drink a lot of tea, especially my wife. The ____ Green Tea has become our favorite as well as the _____ Chai Tea.

For variety sake we’ve also bought the _____ Oolong tea a few times but we’re not avid drinkers of this variety so we haven’t tried as many alternatives.

Despite the fact that the above non-coffee k-cups are our favorites there are still a few additional options we’ve also tried and liked. I’ve actually published reviews of most of the better options for all of the different styles over on the sister website Spava Coffee.

See this page “The Best K-Cups For Keurig Coffee Makers” to see all of my reviews.

On that page you’ll find links to my recommendations for a lot of different types of non-coffee k-cups…each of which I’ve tried and reviewed personally…and a few different types of specialty coffees as well!

I lump things like organic only, biodegradable, and low acid coffees into specialty coffees right along with more normal stuff like French Vanilla, Kona, and High Caffeine.

If you like coffee then chances are good my reviews will be worth taking a look at because I’ve tried a lot of coffee over the years!

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