Coffee Brewing Methods: Comparison & Analysis of the Best Ways to Make Coffee

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There are lots of ways to make coffee but they all have a couple things in common.

You need roasted coffee beans that are ground up by some means and water.

Funny thing is that you don’t really even need ground beans; crushed beans or cut beans will work in a bind as will water that is not exactly hot – cold brew anyone?

There are obviously a handful of good ways to make really great tasting cold brew coffee and still yet others will go so far as to make suz-vide coffee!

Whether you prefer making coffee over an open flame or would rather go the fully automated route, there are tons of different ways to get the job done and each method still has lots of variable that can change the process and final product enough to warrant a full article on this site.

On this page it’s my intention to simply introduce you to the many various styles and methods for making coffee. I’ll then explain some of the variations that can alter each method in meaningful ways.

We’ll then compare some of the top methods briefly and point you to other articles on this site that have fully explored the comparison of one coffee making style to another.

Lets start off by looking at one of the most common variants to drip coffee these days, one that is super cheap to make, a bit manual, and arguably one of the best ways to make coffee of them all: the french press method.

The Most Common Ways to Make Coffee

In the US the most common ways to make coffee include:

  • drip,
  • pour over,
  • french press,
  • percolator,
  • instant,
  • espresso,
  • and Moka

There are other ways to like Aeropress, Turkish, cowboy just to name a few but those are the one’s we focus on most on this site.

Further down this page we will summarize each of these methods and then eventually provide links to other pages on this site that have fully compared each method to the others.

A Comparison Chart of Coffee Brewing Methods

Below you’ll see a chart of all the main ways to make coffee. Follow the links in the chart to see fully explored comparisons of each major technique for making coffee.

*Note: This table is horizontally scrollable.

Drip Coffee French Press Espresso Moka Pot Pour Over
Drip Coffee N/A Click to Compare Click to Compare Click to Compare Click to Compare
French Press N/A N/A Click to Compare Click to Compare Click to Compare
Espresso N/A N/A N/A Click to Compare Click to Compare
Moka Pot N/A N/A N/A N/A Click to Compare
Pour Over N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A