Gathering Grounds’ Annual Mug Club

What The Mug Club Is

For $160 you receive An 18oz HydroFlask coffee mug (the one with the flip-top lid), which enables you to bring in your mug and get a free drip coffee per day, if you don’t want a drip that day you can upgrade to any other espresso based drink for only $1.50.

These are on a pre-order basis, once the mugs come in that’s when the savings begin.  The break down is $.51 a day!  Plus you are getting a super nice mug from another Oregon company.

Interested? Ask about this deal in the store. They are only available to a limited number of customers and this product cannot be shipped. If you purchase online then you must pickup in store. Please bring a copy of your PayPal sales receipt to verify your completed order. Thanks!

Questions about your order can be directed to Brandon by phone, email, or in person during business hours. See our contact page for contact options.

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