Keurig Model Comparisons: All Coffee Machines Reviewed

Keurig is a household name and just about everyone has used one of their machines. Our Keurig model comparisons listed lower on this page are presented to hep you out.

We’ve tried to be comprehensive but also as simplified as possible. We believe that comparing the Keurig line of products is actually too complicated even for a comprehensive article like this.

Despite the fact that the Keurig company is so well known, their product lines are extremely large, complicated, and hard to identify.

Here on GGC we want to make things easier for you the consumer to figure out what models are right for you.

To start off lets touch on the most fundamental differences between the Keurig product lines.

What are the Various Keurig Product Lines & How Are They Different From One Another?

The simplest way to break down all the Keurig machines into digestible categories is to look at their product lines.

There are the Classic models which are typically referred to as:

  • the B-Series Brewers, and
  • the K-Series Brewers

The B-series brewers were really the first main line of Keurig coffee makers. After they had been in production for some time Keurig re-released largely identical versions of their B-series brewers as K-series brewers.

Model numbers stayed the same except the “B” was replaced with a “K”. For instance B15 was replaced with the slightly improved K15, etc.

Each K-series brewer was slightly better made than its corresponding (older) B-series predesessor and despite the fact that the K-line of machines was a 2nd generation creation Keurig refers to the K-series as Keurig 1.0 machines.