Keurig vs Aicok: Entry Level K-Cup Coffee Makers Compared

Aicok Brewing SystemSingle cup coffee makers have become a staple of the coffee community today.

Whereas, in the past, appliance companies focused only on large format brewers. Now that the Keurig is finding its way into homes across the world, other brands are stepping up to the plate to create single serve coffee makers.

The Aicok K-Cup Coffee Maker is a lightweight, travel-friendly machine that is a low cost alternative to the entry-level Keurig K-Mini, but don’t underestimate its ability to brew an amazing cup of coffee. It allows for different cup sizes (up to 5 ½-inch tall mugs), features a removable drip tray and a 12-ounce water reservoir making a great option for lower budgets.

The automatic shutoff makes for a convenient feature if you find yourself running out the door morning after morning, and the largemouth basin means no more spilling water all over the counter, which is all too easy to do when you’re still half asleep in the morning.

This machine suits most K-cups and filters and — one of the best parts — all of its removable components are safe to throw in the dishwasher. Reviewers who travel rave about how compact it is — never be caught on the road without your own brewer again. After all the horror stories we’ve heard about hotel room coffee brewers…

Compatible with most single cup pods including k-cup pods, you can use the size as per your preference. It takes 3 minutes to get a cup of fresh coffee with fast brew technology. It is brewed hot enough that there’s no need to put in the microwave to get it up to temperature.

Keurig Single Cup BrewerWith the most compact design and durable construction, it’s going to last. This great little machine takes up minimal counter space. Coming in at roughly three pounds, it is certainly a compact brewer.

Simple one-touch button design and auto shut off, It makes a cup of tasty coffee in a few minutes with just a push of a button.

Aicok Single Serve K cup is a popular single-cup brewer and one of the most affordable options. It’s in the top three bestselling coffee machines today, and that’s likely because of its wide array of applications, from office desk to a college dorm to hotel room staple.

The Aicok Single Serve K cup is a lot less expensive than an average Keurig coffee machine and significantly cheaper than even the smallest and cheapest Keurigs. Before we fully compare however you should familiarize yourself with the current lineup of Keurig machines on the market.

On this page I’ve outlined all of the best machines in Keurig’s line including some of the better low-end models that directly compete with Aicok.

How Does The Keurig Work? Is It Different At All?

How K-cups workYou may have seen these coffee makers before. The basic function of a Keurig coffee maker is that it uses “K-Cups,” which are like cartridges that you place inside. It has a side chamber for water.

When water heats up, it then shoots and streams through the K-Cup inside the coffee maker through an air pump, providing you with that perfect cup of coffee.

It’s simple enough, really, and saves you from the hassle of measuring, among other things.

Aside from control, we’d want our coffee to have that consistent flavor. Keurig coffee pods are actually measured to meet the needs of every drinker. However, things may be a bit different when it comes to your coffee machine.

Every Keurig coffee maker is different. It’s no surprise, therefore, that flavors may vary with some of them every time you brew your coffee. So, why shouldn’t consistency be something to consider in the long run? You ought to take a look and test out some coffee makers before you even think of making a purchase. There are a plethora of Keurig brewers out there, we’ve compared many, but also consider whether you’re buying the original K-series or the B-series.

Want to get that daily fix as quick as you can before you leave for the office? Yes, we all know that Keurig coffee makers are ridiculously fast, but speed is still something you should look into. You may be the picky type who’d want a coffee maker that’s as fast as it can get.

A Bit More On How Aicok Single Cup Brewers Work

Imagine waking up every morning to a coffee brewed to perfection. Waking up can sometimes be difficult, but it’s certainly easier when you’ve got fresh brewed Columbian blend (or whatever your preference) waiting for you.

The Aicok Single Serve is travel-friendly, which makes it great for people on the go.

Aicok compact coffee makerThat is underscored by its lightweight frame and compact design. It’s simply great for bringing on vacation. It contains a removable drip tray that gives you more room for taller mugs.

The water reservoir is measured at twelve ounces, which means you might have to add water the machine every other day. This is all dependent on the amount of coffee you drink though. Some users may end up filling it several times a day.

The water tank mouth is large, obviously designed by no mistake. The largemouth means less spillage from the water. Not only can you make excellent coffee from this machine, you can keep your coffee maker close. For instance, this could accommodate a college students desk space very well and without worry of pour water and coffee on papers or electronics.

This brewer especially appeals to the college student by being affordable and fast working. No more worrying about being late for class when you’re low on coffee. Simply brew and see how convenient this product is. It utilizes quick brew technology that helps you make a coffee in 3 minutes. This time is calculated from the initial turning on of the machine.

The coffee machine additionally contains a shutoff feature. This feature is enabled when brewing is complete. Again, a mess is prevented from occurring in your kitchen.

The fact that there is no touchscreen or more advanced features with the Aicok has maybe chased some consumers away. In this day and age, many people think that this is a staple of a good brewer, but you’d be surprised.

Comparing Aicok & Keurig Brewers: How They Are Different

Keurig BrewersNow, of course, both of these brewers take their fair share of K-cups. If that’s the kind of brewing you intend to do then these are great options for you.

The K-cups themselves have been the source of debate for years now. This is likely because they are sources of plastic waste. If this is a concern of yours then consider using the reusable k-cups, that are compatible with both of these fine coffee makers.

K-cups can deliver great varieties of coffee. There are even coffee companies strictly dedicated to making organic coffee K-cups.

The K-cups themselves have been a source of a headache for many a Keurig user. They report issues with the method often, but there is a large community dedicated to fixing the Keurig machines and offering solutions for cleaning and returning them to the previous state of glory.

They both have these excellent tasting k-cups in common, but with that comes a similar cleaning practice.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Single Cup Brewer: Which Is Easiest To Maintain

If you want to enjoy all the health benefits of drinking coffee from your coffee maker, it’s wise to properly maintain it. There are a couple reasons to consistently clean your coffee maker. Not only will it give you great tasting coffee, but will extend the machine’s lifespan. We implore you to get in the habit of cleaning your machine. If you do so, you can expect fresh coffee for years to come!

  • Cleaning the filter: You can clean a reusable coffee filter within the hour. This will ensure fresh tasting coffee for months to come! Simply place the filter in a bowl with water and white vinegar. Next, let the filter sit in the bowl for 30 minutes. Once the filter dries, you can start making coffee again.
  • Clean the Water Reservoir: After each use, make sure to clean the water reservoir under the faucet. You want to make sure all the residue is cleared. This will maintain the quality of coffee and extend the life of your coffee maker. Using filtered water is another way to ensure that you’ll maintain not only the coffee’s taste but the brewer’s filter and cleanliness as well.
  • Use vinegar for deep cleaning: Vinegar helps kill any bacteria that culminates in your machine. Think of it like a bath for your coffee maker without imparting that soapy taste that is so very difficult to get rid of.
  • Use a coffee pod only once: Using a coffee pod more than once will create more residue in your machine. While some pods are reusable, most are only intended for a single use.
  • Descale regularly: The descaling process is critical for brewers in the Keurig family.  Think of this as a deep cleaning on your machine that should be done every three to four weeks. It could be just another thing to troubleshoot. If you’re worried that your Keurig is making weak coffee, we’ve got a guide to get you back in motion.

It can be difficult to select the best single cup coffee maker when so many options exist on the market.

Hopefully, this guide has cleared up any confusion but again, remember to check out our other reviews to ensure you’re completely educated before making a purchase. Don’t want to get stuck with a coffee maker that doesn’t fit you.

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