Large French Press Coffee Makers

These large french press coffee makers make it easy to make lots of great coffee in one sitting. These are great for larger families, offices, or even small cafes. If you like to drink a lot of coffee yourself then you may want to pair one of these big french press pots with an insulated carafe to keep your coffee hot between cups.

 Bodum Chambord 12 cup French Press Coffee Maker, 51 oz, ChromeMore Info Francois et Mimi Large Stainless Steel Double Wall French Coffee Press,50ozMore Info GROSCHE MADRID French Press Coffee and Tea Maker 1500 ml (50.7 oz.)More Info Frieling Ultimo 44 oz French Press Brushed FinishMore Info Bodum Columbia Thermal 51-Ounce Stainless-Steel Coffee PressMore Info La Cafetiere TQ080200 Thermique 35 fl oz Coffee Press, Stainless SteelMore Info Grunwerg 50oz/1.5L Double Wall Stainless Steel French Coffee Press HFD-12More Info Bodum Bistro Nouveau French Press Coffee Maker, 12 Cup, 51-OunceMore Info Bialetti French Press 1.5L (51 Oz)More Info



Looking for something in the 48-51 ounce size? We have a page for just that. The next common size down are the 34 ounce coffee presses which can be found here.

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