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Mobile Coffee Cart Is Up And Running!!

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It has been a great week so far!!

There has been a lot of positive feed back in regards to our new coffee cart!!  I have been heading down to Amtrak to deliver fresh coffee to all the passengers getting off the train for a short break.  Every morning Amtrak stops here in our beautiful town and I am there to greet them with a smile on my face and a cup of fresh hot coffee!!  Amtrak is excited that I am down there, as they believe it enhances their customers experience, and it shows that Klamath Falls is a fun friendly town that they might just come back and visit!!  It has been great publicity in letting all the locals, who see me down here in the morning, that a new fresh cafe will soon be downtown!!

Pictures of the bike & cart should start popping up shortly along the west coast!

Stop on by and check it out!!  I am usually there from 7:45 until 8:20.

Awesome Gear! Amazing Coffee! The Best Prices!

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