Bialetti Moka Express Vs Kitty Vs Venus Moka Pots: What’s The Difference?

Moka Pots are a great way to get an authentic espresso.

They also work for those who prefer regular coffee that is of a stronger nature.

Whether you’ve just started your Moka Pot shopping, or are looking for a replacement, there is one name that may commonly pop up.

This name is Bialetti, which is a brand that creates a wide variety of Moka Pot types.

Three such examples include the Bialetti Kitty, Moka Express and Venus.

These devices are similar, but bring along some truly unique features.

Carry on, and you’ll learn all about what these models can offer you!

Bialetti Moka Express


The Bialetti Moka Express original is one of the most well known Moka Pots out there.

There’s really no denying that classic look on the polished aluminum design.

Furthermore, this is a device that is available in numerous sizes, allowing you to pick the one that suits you best.

While it’s a reliable Moka Pot in most instances, some can experience problems with the aluminum.

It’s also an option that comes at a very affordable price, making it an easy-to-obtain option.

Some find that the octagon shape allows the brew to heat more evenly.

On top of that, this option includes a fantastic warranty that lasts for two years.


  • Fills the room with a fantastic aroma.
  • Creates delicious, rich brew.
  • Offers 1-cup, 12-cup, 3-cup, 9-cup and 6-cup options.
  • Includes a two-year warranty.
  • Cleaning is easy.
  • No electricity needed.


  • May not be safe to clean in the dishwasher.
  • Requires more physical effort for a good brew.
  • The process can take longer than some other options.


Many find that this option is one that results in a wonderful brew.

Compared to other options in this list, it also offers more sizing options.

You’ll also have the benefit of not needing electricity, which means it can be used just about anywhere you can create heat.

While it isn’t the most dishwasher friendly, users can find that it’s quite simple to wash.

This also isn’t an automatic process, so you can’t just turn it on and leave it.

You’ll have to keep an eye on it and learn the most efficient way to get a quality brew.

Bialetti Kitty


If you prefer something with a more modern appearance, the Bialetti Kitty is a decent option.

While it offers fewer size options, it does offer some of the ones that are most common.

Furthermore, this Moka Pot is made from stainless steel rather than aluminum, which many customers prefer.

It’s also a stovetop option, which means it’s able to be used on just about any stove.

The handle is also made to be highly resistant to heat, so you won’t have any problems pouring.

It also offers a two-year warranty, ensuring you’ll be well-protected in your investment.

The look overall is very smooth, practical and pleasing.


  • Offers 4-cup, 10-cup and 6-cup options.
  • Overall design is smoother than other Bialetti models.
  • Creates a strong, flavorful brew.
  • Made from stainless steel.
  • Highly aesthetically pleasing.
  • Smaller options can brew just the right amount for a single person.


  • Brewing process can take a while.
  • There is a bit of a learning curve.
  • In some cases, there can be issues with the sealing.


The Bialetti Venus is a great option for those who want something that looks great.

Many also tend to find that the stainless steel is more durable and less likely to effect the drink flavor than aluminum.

Those who go for the smaller Moka Pot sizes find that it makes just the right amount.

It’s also one that is going to look great in your kitchen.

That said, some can find that the brewing process might be longer than with aluminum options.

Some can also experience some problems with the sealing on the pot.

In addition, those who don’t already know how to brew espresso can expect a bit of a learning curve.

Bialetti Venus


Similar to the Bialetti Kitty, the Bialetti Venus offers a design that is a bit more modern.

It’s another option that is made from stainless steel, but it does include a few more sizing options.

As a result, you can expect a lot of durability as well as the ability to be used on a variety of stoves.

Furthermore, the handle is insulated, meaning you won’t have to worry about it getting too hot.

Some users can find that steam can leak out of the device at time, resulting in too much heat on the handle.

However, most find that it’s a reliable, sturdy device that is easy to use.

On top of that, the results are often absolutely fantastic.


  • Provides 6-cup, 2-cup, 10-cup and 4-cup options.
  • Brews rather quickly compared to other models.
  • Results are very delicious.
  • Known for a consistent, reliable process.
  • Results are considered quite authentic.
  • Made from stainless steel.


  • Not safe for the dishwasher.
  • Some find that the quality may not be what they expect.
  • There can be some problem with the sealing.


With more size options, you can definitely get the Venus that brews the ideal amount for you.

Users can sometimes find that it is able to brew with more haste than other models, which is a great convenience.

Just like other Bialetti models, the resulting brew is absolutely delicious.

The stainless steel materials also make this a very durable, reliable device.

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that this device will need to be hand-washed.

In some cases, the quality may be lower than some users expect, resulting in some problems.

Sealing is also an issue in rare cases, so look it over carefully when you get it and try it out!



One of the biggest differences between these models is the materials used to make them.

While the Bialetti Express is among the most popular options, it is made with aluminum.

Some can find that aluminum is better, while others prefer the durable stainless steel options.

Furthermore, it’s worth considering which option offers the size you really want.

That way, you don’t have to worry about paying more for a larger Moka Pot when you aren’t going to use the extra space.

Aside from that, these devices are all quite similar.

Furthermore, many find that the brew they offer is better than standard drip-style coffee.

They all offer delicious results and tend to be quite authentic and reliable.


Each of the options listed here offers a six-cup style option, so making a price comparison using that specific size will be most useful.

That way, you can get an idea of the prices on the same kinds of models across the board.

For those on a strict budget, the Bialetti Express will come in at the lowest price by a decent amount.

Following that, the Bialetti Kitty and Bialetti Venus have similar prices.

That said, the Bialetti Venus is the most expensive option on the list.

As a result, it’s a good idea to make sure you compare that values of each.

That way, you’ll get the model that will work the best for you.

Which Is Best?

Ultimately, that decision is going to be up to you as a customer.

The good news is that Bialetti Moka Pots tend to be quite highly regarded overall.

So odds are you’ll get something reliable regardless of which one you choose.

That said, you are a little more likely to get higher quality from the stainless steel options.

However, each has the possibility of coming with a warranty from Bialetti.

So if you make sure the one you choose comes with that warranty, you’ll likely be covered for just about any issue during normal use.

You may also want to consider getting a milk frother as well if you want great espresso.

Happy shopping!

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