Nespresso Inissia Vs Essenza Mini: Tiny Machines, Big Espresso Flavor

Nesprsso Inissia vs Essenza Mini

If you’re looking to make great espressos, Nespresso offers a lot of great machines to make the process easier.

While many of those machines can be a little on the large side, there are some compact options as well.

These include the Nespresso Inissia and the newer model Nespresso Essenza Mini, both of which are similarly priced.

Both of these machines are designed to be lightweight and easy to use – perfect for getting your feet wet to making espresso at home.

Also, because of their small size they make for great options if you want something but just don’t have a lot of space for a coffee maker or espresso machine.

If you love the taste of Nespresso coffee capsules, then you can use them in both of these devices and rely on them to make excellent drinks.

However, it can be tough to decide between these two great options.

To help you make that choice, we’re going to take a look at what the Inissia and Essenza mini have to offer as well as how they compare side by side.

Update: The Inissia is now a discontinued product in the Nespresso line. It has largely been replaced by the new Essenza Mini which is slightly smaller, quieter, faster, and more user friendly. The Inissia is not bad on any of these fronts, it’s just that the Essenza is now better on them all and it’s still priced as their entry-level model.

You can see pricing for the Essenza Mini here on Amazon, read the rest of this post which was mostly written before the Inissia was discontinued, or check out this post comparing the Essenza Mini to the Pixie.


Lets Compare the Inissia to the Essenza Mini

The Essenza Mini is Better Than The Inissia
Further on down this article I will go into detail on each of the two units but the vast majority of readers will really only be interested in this small section.

The Inissia is the older style Nespresso machine. It produces espresso at 19 bars of pressure just like the Essenza Mini. The Essenza however uses a newer centrifugal technology to create the 19 bars of pressure. This results in the same excellent espresso using less power while remaining nearly 10 decibels quieter.

Not only that but the unit is smaller and the lever that seals the capsule in the machine is less intrusive… meaning it doesn’t get in the way as much.

For the vast majority of customers the Essenza Mini is the better choice and I only advise people to get the Inissia if they really, really want a bigger water reservoir and spent capsule holder. You can click the following links to check pricing on either the Inissia or the Essenza Mini.

First Let’s Look at the Nespresso Inissia in Greater Depth

Nespresso Inissia


There are a number of features that make the Nespresso Inissia a great choice for those interested in the Nespresso brand.

Like many Nespresso machines, it’s able to heat up very quickly so you can get right to work making your drink.

It’s also very easy to use, requiring only the press of a button or two for the perfect drink.

Furthermore, it’s a great option for those who don’t have a lot of space to spare due to the compact size.

You also won’t need to worry about turning the device off or unplugging it unless you really want to. Without use, it will shut down by itself after about 9 minutes.

It’s a really fantastic option for those who want an easier way to make at-home espressos.

However, you will want to keep in mind that this machine isn’t one that offers a built-in milk frother.

It shouldn’t be too difficult or expensive to get one separately from the machine, but it’s important to know if you want a machine that already has one built in.


  • Offers a pressure pump that is 19 bars high.
  • Preheats quickly, allowing you to make drinks with minimal wait time.
  • Lightweight and compact, easy to move and clean as needed.
  • Highly user-friendly.
  • Drip tray and lid help to avoid messes.
  • Creates high-quality espressos.


  • Nespresso machines do require the use of coffee capsules.
  • The water capacity can be somewhat limited.
  • Capsule flavors can be rather limited.

A Quick Summary of the Inissia

This compact device is great for those who want to make espressos without the need for a huge, expensive machine.

It’s also one of the less expensive options in the Nespresso line, which is good for those who aren’t ready to invest a large amount of money in a new coffee maker.

Furthermore, this device is going to be easy to clean. You’ll also be able to use the drip tray and lid to keep everything clean while you work.

As with any Nespresso machine, it is important to remember that you will have a limited choice in the Nespresso capsules available for the machine.

Because of that, it’s a good idea to take a look at the available flavors to see if you’re happy with the options available.

Aside from that, this is a great entry-level option for those looking to make espressos on their own!

Next Let’s Compare it with the Nespresso Essenza Mini

Nespresso Essenza Mini


As the slightly more compact between these two devices, the Essenza Mini is very compact and lightweight.

Because of this, it’s easy to use, store and take with you when you travel.

It’s an ideal choice for those who want quick espressos without the need for a hefty coffee maker.

Furthermore, it heats quickly and is able to create great espressos, including the tasty cream top layer.

You’ll also have the option to choose between two different sizes, espresso and lungo.

That way, you can get the strength you want or enjoy a slightly larger, gentler flavor.

Just like the Inissia, this machine is only going to be able to use Nespresso pods, so make sure to keep that in mind as you shop.

This option also doesn’t have a built-in milk frother.


  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Heats up very quickly.
  • Compact device, easy to take while traveling.
  • Uses a 19 bar pressure pump.
  • Offers a removable water tank for easy washing.
  • Uses low energy consumption levels.


  • Limited capsule selection.
  • These devices can sometimes have leaks.
  • May hold less water and fewer used capsules than the Inissia.

A Summaryof the newer Essenza Mini

At a mere 5lbs, the Essenza Mini is an extremely compact option.

Because of that, it’s going to be even more friendly to those who live in smaller apartments or just don’t have much space to offer.

It offers many of the same abilities as the Inissia, with an even smaller size.

As a result, you can also expect to see a smaller water reservoir and the ability to hold fewer capsules.

It’s a great device for one or two people, assuming you don’t mind refilling the device more often.

However, the tank can be removed so that you’ll be able to wash it easily.

Do make sure to watch out for leaks that can occur.

The Essenza vs Inissia: Our TLDR Comparison

Shot of Espresso in a Demitasse


Largely, these two devices are very similar.

Because they are both made my Nespresso, they are going to use the same kinds of capsules which will result in the same coffee flavoring.

They are also both rather compact devices, though the Essenza mini is slightly smaller.

However, this size difference doesn’t result in much variation when it comes to features.

Largely, you can expect the Essenza Mini to hold fewer capsules and less water, but aside from that the devices are very similar.

Because of these similarities, the cost of using the devices will be similar, though there may be a bit of a difference in the cost of the machines.

It’s also wise to remember that neither option offers a built-in milk frother.

What are Their Differences?

While they are mostly the same, there are a few small differences between the Essenza Mini and Inissia.

The Inissia is an older model option, it’s less costly and offers a larger water reservoir.

However, it isn’t as efficient with regard to energy use as the Essenza Mini.

Users also tend to find that the Essenza Mini runs a bit more quietly, which can make it less irritating to use.

Do keep in mind as you choose, that the Inissia is a discontinued model. This shouldn’t have a large effect on finding parts if needed but it’s a good thing to know.

Overall, it’s really going to be up to you to weigh the pros and cons of these devices to decide which is best for you.

Final Verdict: Which is Best?

Overall, it’s hard to fail when you’re choosing between these two devices.

They both have quite a bit to offer and are compact and easy to travel with.

Neither has a built-in milk frother, but that isn’t a device that is difficult to purchase by itself.

If you are keen on saving as much energy as possible, then the Essenza Mini is going to be the ideal option.

However, if you aren’t too concerned about energy and would like a little more water and capsule storage space, the Inissia can work perfectly well.

Luckily, both machines are also pretty similar as far as the cost is concerned. Both will also provide excellent tasting drinks!

So make sure to take a close look and consider which would best fit in your home.

Good luck, and happy shopping!

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