Nespresso Lattissima Pro vs Lattissima Touch – A Comparison

Nespresso Lattissima Pro vs Lattissima Touch

Imagine this: you’re sipping on a latte! Within the comfort of your own home!

And there is no difficult process, no science or art.

If you invest in a Nespresso machine, you can have cafe quality coffee with just a touch of a button.

Nespresso has many excellent machines available. I have written a couple of comparison posts for their products in the past. They featured the Inissia and the Citiz, But their Lattissima line is the best bang for your buck.

Both the Pro and the Touch are top of the line “all-in-one” machines and they are both a bit spendy but for what you get the Touch is easily the better value based on pricing relative to the features you get out of the box.

With that being said let’s now look a little closer at these two machines to see what sets them apart and to see why you might want to shell out a bit more money for the Lattissima Pro.

Allow me to introduce two of the finest machines in the Lattisima line: the Lattisima Pro and the Lattisima touch!

Since I’ve written an article comparing the Pro vs the Plus, I want to start with brief review of the Plus and delve deep into the Touch.

The Nespresso Lattissima Pro

Sleek and slim, with internal cable storage, the Lattissima Pro is an incredible addition to any kitchen.

It stands just under 11 inches tall and only takes up about 7.5 inches of counter space.

It is sturdy for its size and is finished with aluminum.

Not only is it a pretty and petite model, it’s advanced technology makes your coffee experience and clean up easy!

It’s user friendly in every possible way.

The brewing basket is located on the top of the machine.

Just lift the lipped leaver to reveal the capsule shaped hole. Pick a pod and put it in place. When you clamp the leaver back down, you should hear an audible pop as the machine punctures the pod.

As the machine warms up, the water will begin to heat in the tank that is located on the back.

It holds a whopping 44 ounces and will let you know when it’s empty.

Next choose from the 6 beverage options you have at your fingertips on LED touch screen.

You have 3 types of espresso shots available to you. With the above average 19 bars of pressure, they are perfect every time.

The classic espresso shot– marked with its iconic sweet crema on top.

The lungo–a milder, longer espresso.

And lastly, the ristretto– the stronger, shorter espresso.

Click here for an in depth analysis of the differences between the 3.

As an added bonus, these buttons are programmable!

If you push and hold any of the buttons, the machine will continue to pour water through the pod. Upon release, the shot time is saved, so your coffee continues to pull to your liking. Just remember to press and hold again, if you’re making coffee for someone else.

The next 3 options are beverages.

There’s the latte and cappuccino options.

Lattes are 1 part espresso,  2 parts milk and has just a light layer of foam on top.

Cappuccinos are 1 part espresso, 1 part steamed milk, and 1 part well frothed foam.

And then there is the frothed milk option for coffee-less beverages.

Your Lattissima Pro will brew your coffee in just 25 seconds!

So make sure you are ready with a mug or a demitasse!

There are two platforms that you can place your cup on. A higher one for smaller espresso cups and the drip tray.

Directly to the right of the spout is the cylinder shaped frothing unit.

You can remove this from its stand and place it in the fridge if you have milk left over from a brewing cycle.

Attached to the milk container, you have a frothing wand that you can tilt higher or lower, depending on the size of your cup.

The Pro also comes with a water spout that snaps into the front for teas and other milk free beverages.

You may be wondering about that 7th button on the LED screen.

No need for descalers (except for the recommended once a year deep cleaning.) 

For the best flavour every time, be sure to take advantage of the Lattissima Pro’s automated cleaning system!

It’s just that easy!

Now let’s compare this model to it’s older cousin the Lattissima Touch!

The Nespresso Lattissima Touch

Right off the bat, you’ll see that the Touch is a bit more stout in stature than the Pro.

It’s about 8 inches tall and takes up just under 11 inches of counter space, but that cable storage is still available.

But other than the aesthetic differences, this model is much like the last.

The Lattissima Touch is consistent in style: intuitive controls and simple set up.

It still heats up in 25 seconds (and automatically shuts off after 9 dormant minutes.) It sticks to that standard of 19powerful bars of pressure. So your espresso shots stay consistently creamy, no matter which model you choose.

Though the Touch has a smaller water tank, its 30 oz can brew 15 shots with ease.

The milk container only holds 17 oz but is still removable, so you can continue to store in fridge. (Cold milk froths better anyway.)

They’ve included a froth texture knob allows you to further customize your experience by allowing you to choose the density of your foam.

And the folks at Nespresso have gone a step further and attached a clean button on top of the frother. This pushes air through the frothing wand. So take advantage of this awesome add-on and make it a habit to take the extra second after every lattee and avoid build up of soiled milk.

The brewing unit is just as simple as the Pro. It has the same lipped lever and the same pod shaped hole.

However, you’ll notice that you only have 2 espresso options this time: the espresso and lungo shots.

Don’t worry these still have programmable pulls. Just simply press and hold one of the beverage options. When you release that button, you will notice the buttons blinking. This is a signal to tell you that your preferences have been saved. If the next coffee is for someone else, press and hold for their desired amount.

Though it would appear that you have limited options because you don’t have the ristretto option with the Touch, you are, by no means, held back in the personalization of your coffee.

In addition to the latte and cappuccino options, you now have a brand new beverage: the latte macchiato!

What is a latte Macchiato?

Macchiato is the Italian word for “marked.” It’s one of the strongest espresso beverages because the espresso is just topped with a dollop of microfoam. This thin layer of well frothed milk accents the flavour notes of the shot and makes it palatable enough to drink straight or sip.

So as you can see, you can’t really go wrong with a model from Nespresso’s Lattissima line! There’s a world of flavour available in each other their pods!

Nespresso capsulesRather than plastic encasements, Nespresso capsules are made of aluminum- so say good-bye to the guilt and taste of plastic.

The aluminum keeps grounds fresh! They come in 23 varieties that range from single-origin, blends and beverage specific!

So when it comes down to it, which is better?Lattissima Pro? Lattissima Touch? The answer is either!

Both choices are a tremendous step toward cafe quality cups of coffee every time!

Click on the product photos so you can have coffee that suits your preferences at the touch of a button!

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