Nespresso Vs Keurig Coffee: What’s Different & Which is Better?

Nespresso Vs KeurigWhen you’re looking to make the upgrade from a standard drip-style coffee maker, it can be hard to decide which high-tech option is best!

Many people are familiar with the Keurig and what it has to offer, but what about the other brands out there?

Though fewer people are familiar with them, Nespresso coffee makers are also an extremely viable option.

To find the best option for you, it is important to make sure you compare the options out there.

That way, you’ll have a good idea which device is going to be more likely to give you the value you want.

Let’s take a look at what Nespresso and Keurig coffee makers have to offer!

Nespresso Pods (Capsules) Vs K-Cups

One similarity between these two machines is that they both use pod-style coffees.

The Keurig uses K-Cups, K-Carafes and other styles of K-Coffees.

Meanwhile, Nespressos use Nespresso pods that are specifically designed for each model.

Both of these kinds of coffee are typically going to be more expensive than regular coffee grounds, but are still far less expensive than frequent coffee shop trips.

Because of that, they are both great options if you’re looking to save money on coffee.

Let’s Look Keurig in Greater Depth

The Keurig offers a number of models so that you can choose the option that suits you best, and a huge variety of drink flavor options.

A truly versatile device, you can use the Keurig to make coffee, tea, hot chocolate and even fruit drinks and soups.

Consequently, it’s truly a great option for those who want one machine that can do many different kinds of jobs.

Keurig machines also tend to be quite compact so you won’t need to worry about the device taking up your limited counter space.

You can also rest assured that the space it does take up, it will more than pay back!

Many also find that they can save money when using K-Cups rather than buying coffee regularly.

Many of the machines themselves also come at a great cost.

Pros of Buying a Keurig over a Nespresso

  • Keurig offers single-serve or Carafe packs.
  • Also capable of making tea, hot chocolate and more.
  • Capable of brewing in under 4 minutes.
  • Brews at about 192 degrees.
  • Offers over 200 flavor varieties.
  • The less expensive between the two options.


  • K-Cups aren’t easily recyclable.
  • May not create as high-quality results as Nespresso.
  • Cannot brew espresso.

Usability Considerations

Keurig machines are known to be quite easy to use, allowing you to make the perfect cup of coffee with the touch of a button.

They are also known to have a lot of features, so that whatever you’re brewing will come out with ideal results.

Furthermore, it’s a device that is typically pretty easy to clean so you won’t have to worry about that regular cleaning becoming a source of frustration.

Another aspect that many users love is the “strong” setting that allows you to make a cup that packs more of a punch.

It’s truly a great device overall for those who want to be able to brew a wider variety of beverages.

While some do find that the resulting coffee may not be as perfect as other options, it’s still a great choice for those who aren’t too picky about their energy boost.

Does Keurig or Nespresso Cost More

When it comes to these kinds of single-serve machines, there are two prices that are worth taking into account.

The first is the cost of the machine itself.

Keurig machines can run you anywhere from $75 to $150 depending on the model and features you’re looking for.

The second price to pay attention to is that of the K-Cup pods that these machines use to make drinks.

Typically, K-Cup pods can come in as low as $.35 for each serving, but can hover anywhere between that amount and $2.25 per serving, depending on the type you get.

To further explain that, there aren’t just K-Cup pods but also K-Vue, K-Mug, and K-Carafe for those who want to make a larger amount.

Keep in mind that you can also find re-usable filters that will allow you to use less expensive kinds of coffee in Keurig machines.


The overall concept here is that the Keurig may not be able to measure up exactly to the Nespresso when it comes to resulting coffee taste, but it’s far from poor quality!

Furthermore, the Keurig is able to make many different beverages, which is quite a payoff for a slightly less authentic cup of coffee.

It’s also important to keep in mind that Keurig isn’t going to be the ideal option for espresso lovers.

However, if you’re okay with accepting a substitute then it’s worth noting that the Dark Magic K-Cup is a very similar option.

You can really have a lot of fun with the Keurig, making many different drinks that people of all ages will enjoy.

Is Nespresso Better Than Keurig?

For those who are looking for the higher-quality, more specific option Nespresso is the ideal option.

These devices are known to last longer and even offer a longer warranty than Keurig models.

While both devices are quite easy to clean, the Nespresso is thought to be slightly more so.

Keep in mind that this option is going to have fewer models to choose from, which can give the appearance of quality of quantity.

It also uses much fewer capsule options, but instead is made to offer higher quality results.

Depending on the model you get, you may be able to brew coffee and espresso or just espresso.

Some machines even offer a frother that is built right in for added convenience.


  • Brews more quickly than Keurig models.
  • Better for those who want high-quality coffee beverages only.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Tends to be more durable than Keurig.
  • Offer capsule recycling stations.
  • Capable of creating professional level coffee drinks.


  • Only brews espresso, coffee and cappuccino.
  • More expensive than Keurig models.
  • Capsules may be more expensive than K-Cups.


While Nespresso machines may not have as many options for different beverages that can be made, they have plenty of tools made for creating excellent coffee and espresso beverages.

For example, the earlier mentioned built-in frother is a great add-on.

It’s also a highly compact device, creating a smaller footprint.

The size selection is very easy to use and allows you to get just the amount you want.

As an added bonus for those who care about eco-friendly devices, the capsules for these machines can also be recycled at stations.

Essentially, for those who don’t need to make tea or other beverages but want a pristine cup of coffee, this is a fantastic option to try.


Nespresso machines do tend to be more expensive than Keurig machines.

In most cases, Nespresso models can range from anywhere between $140 and $300.

That said, in some cases you can find these machines a little more cheaply if you’re okay with buying a discontinued model.

Many also find that these machines are more durable when compared to Keurig  machines, as they tend to be made with a thicker plastic.

You can also get a longer warranty with a Nespresso machine, which can be extremely helpful if something should go wrong with your machine.

Nespresso capsules can also range from $.75 to $1.40 per serving, depending on the model you need it for, and flavor you prefer.


While Nespresso may not have as many beverage options as the Keurig, many find that it’s able to brew higher-quality coffee and espresso.

Because of that, it’s a great option for those who don’t really need to make tea or other flavored drinks with the machine.

It can also be a good choice for those who want the highest possible quality coffee drinks.

If you’re looking to save money over going to a coffee shop for your drinks, then a Nespresso machine can help to achieve that over time.

Which Is Best?

This is really going to depend on your individual needs and budget.

If you want something less costly that can provide more options as far as potential beverages, then the Keurig is the way to go.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind spending a little more for the highest quality coffee, then a Nespresso is a great choice! You can also compare different Nespresso models to find the best one for you!

Both machines truly have a lot to offer to their owners.

Both are also quite easy to clean and can save money over frequent trips to coffee shops.

Just make sure to take into account what you’re looking for, as well as the cost of pods or capsules if you’re interested in either of these options!

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