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GGC Coffee History

The Story of GGC Coffee

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We are GGC Coffee, a Klamath Falls original – a “virtual” coffee house.

Back in the Spring of 2014 a new coffee shop was started by Brandon in downtown Klamath Falls in a previously unoccupied spot in the Grizzle building.

The area was in desperate need for revitalization and Gathering Grounds Cafe (GGC) was born and quickly spawned a turning point for the block.

Soon after Gathering Grounds’ doors physically opened, neighboring businesses opened up too – notably Gaucho Collective, the Sky Lakes Wellness Center, as well as the cafe’s other business arm which was born as a joint effort between Brandon and Brian.

Four years later the empty lot across the street is in the planning stages for development into a community park.

All said the entire block is being transformed while local Klamath Falls businesses are continuing to thrive.

In the Spring and Summer of 2016 Gathering Grounds Cafe sold it’s retail arm and physical cafe space to a local entrepreneur, Jason Aarstad who continued to run the coffee roasting business and cafe under the new name Gathering Grounds Roastery.

To prevent business confusion the online business decided to rebrand in June of 2018 creating what you now know as ggcCoffee.

GGC has been an industry leader in educating “wannabe coffee snobs” since 2014 and we continue to grow by leaps and bounds.

Owner and managing editor of Brian Mounts, has pushed this Klamath Falls based online coffee business to be one of the leading sources for all coffee information online.

The business is not designed to make drinks for customers but to rather teach customers how to make better coffee at home and then sell them the tools needed to make that happen.

The official name change for happened in June of 2018 and we look forward to many years of growth and going for forward for both ggcCoffee and for our prior businesses currently under management by Jason over at Gathering Grounds Roastery, still located on 11st, downtown Klamath Falls.

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