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GGC Coffee has a number of ongoing promotions we are planning for both our local and online customers. You can find our main promos listed below.

The GGC Annual Mug Club

For our local cafe patrons we have a mug club where customers can purchase a refillable travel mug and get a free daily coffee for the next year.  Not interested in drip one day, no worries you can upgrade to any espresso based drink for $1.50.

Newsletter Subscriber Discount

We are in the process of creating our company newsletter. This will be available to all people regardless of where they live. Subscribers to the newsletter get a small discount on any purchase made in that calendar year. You can read more about this promotion and sign up for our newsletter on this page.

We are always planning new promotions. Check back again at any time for updates. New promos may also be announced on our social profiles and/or our newsletter. Make sure to add us to your network of choice.