How to Roast Your Own Coffee At Home

Roast Your Own Coffee

Once you’ve started regularly making coffee using any of the various manual brewing methods then most people start thinking about getting a good grinder and grinding their beans fresh at home.

Once you start daily grinding your own beans fresh before brewing then some people start thinking about controlling the whole process by experimenting with home coffee roasting.

In my opinion that is when making coffee goes from a daily practice to a labor of love. It’s when making coffee is no longer a simple pleasure but it becomes a hobby.

Basically, roasting coffee at home is the next step in the journey to becoming a true coffee nerd and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be writing to you today.

I love roasting green beans at home on the weekends because it evokes enjoyment that I don’t get with grinding and brewing.

The practice is the only advance thing I do with coffee.

It’s creation. It’s preparation. It’s creativity.

How to Roast Coffee at Home

When you roast your own coffee you have to source green beans and roast them in batches days ahead of when you plan on using them.

Due to CO2 emissions from your beans fresh roasted beans should be shelved for 2-5 days before you ever grind and brew them and you cant do huge batches in advance otherwise you won’t reap the benefits of brewing coffee from freshly roasted beans.

Roasting your own coffee means setting up regular roasting batches and storing the product for a few days before actually using it.

If you love coffee though you will likely find delight in the process though and I want to tell you now that you cant mess it up easily.

Home roasting coffee is easy enough and although there are expensive fancy machines that you can buy their are also very inexpensive ways of doing it at home too – some of which don’t require anything more than a pan on the stove.

Here at GGC Coffee we have a growing collection of home coffee roasting articles that we know you’ll enjoy if you are getting into this new hobby.

Make sure to browse through the list below and read as much as you can on the subject.

But above all, experiment – try home roasting yourself. We think you’ll love it even if it becomes an every now-and-then project for you.

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