The Cuisinart SS-700 Single Serve Coffee Maker Vs Keurig K-Cup Machines

Cuisinart SS-700 Single Serve Coffee Maker Vs KeurigHave you gotten tired of your standard, drip-style coffee maker?

It might be time to look into K-Cups and the machines that use them.

These devices have a lot to offer, and can make the coffee brewing process a lot simpler and more automated than it used to be.

Most of the time, when people think about K-Cups they quickly connect the name to the Keurig. However, there are more devices that can offer you the same manner of automated reliability.

One such device is the Cuisinart SS-700, which is a device growing in popularity alongside other Cuisinart coffee makers. These machines offer some slightly different features that you might find to me more suited to your needs than the Keurig.

Ultimately, this is going to depend on your own personal preferences. Things like the kinds of coffee pods you want to use, the amount of coffee you’ll need to make and the style and size of mugs you like to use can all play into this decision.

Continue on and you’ll find some key information that can help you with deciding whether a Cuisinart machine like the SS-700 or a Keurig option is best for you.

Let’s Look at The Keurig Machines

Keurig K575 Single Serve Programmable K-Cup Coffee Maker with 12 oz Brew Size and Hot Water on DemandIf you tend to need to make a lot of coffee, then the Keurig can be a great way to go about it. The Keurig 2.0 machines typically have access to K-Carafe packs that allow you to make anywhere from four to six cups of coffee at a time.

Because K-Cups tend to be single servings, this just makes larger brews easier to make at once.

It is important to keep in mind that Keurig models are often only able to use approved coffee pods such as K-Cups. While there are other brands available, you may end up getting an error message if you try to use them in a newer Keurig machine.

In larger models, you will be able to get an 80oz water reservoir so you won’t have to worry about the need to add water very often.

You’ll also have the ability to control things like the temperature of the coffee as well as the strength. Though you may need to look into new mugs if the ones you tend to use are too tall for a Keurig machine to use.

Naturally, there are a number of different sizing options depending on how much coffee you want to be able to use. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a few different options to help you with making a decision.

If you decide a Keurig is the right way to go, you may want to make sure that you get mugs that will easily fit under the spout. Depending on the model, not all typical mugs may fit.


  • Gives you the option to use K-Carafe packs to brew larger portions.
  • You may be able to use refillable K-Cups.
  • Brewing is a quick and easy process.
  • Larger models provide access to larger reservoirs.
  • Some models include a night light for the early birds.


  • Newer Keurig models only use approved coffee pods.
  • You may need to adjust water and coffee amounts to avoid over-filling of some mugs.
  • During the first few brews, there can sometimes be an added flavor of plastic.

If you aren’t sure about the Keurig, the Cuisinart SS-700 may have some of the benefits you’re looking for.

Let’s Compare the Cuisinart SS-700 Now

Cuisinart SS-700Another brand of coffee makers that has quickly been growing in popularity is the Cuisinart.

There are multiple Cuisinart models that can brew coffee using coffee pods, and they typically come in sizes that relate to how much coffee needs to be made at a time.

The Cuisinart SS-700 is an especially interesting model, and offers a large water reservoir similar to some Keurig models.

One of the biggest features that customers enjoy about Cuisinart machines is that they aren’t as limited when it comes to the coffee pod brands that you can use. Essentially, that means that if you prefer a less expensive brand then you can potentially save money on coffee rather than being forced to buy K-Cups.

However, if you like K-Cups then the Cuisinart machine will be able to use those as well.

With some models, you may also get a little more freedom with the size and style of mug that you can use with it.

With the Cuisinart SS-700, you’ll also have a number of options aside from coffee including a hot water button that you can use for things like oatmeal and soup. There are also options for making iced coffee, tea, and even fruit-inspired beverages.

If you’re especially picky about the taste of your coffee, you’ll be happy to know that the SS-700 has a charcoal water filter as well as a reusable coffee filter to ensure every cup is fresh and clear.


  • Able to brew a single cup of coffee quickly.
  • Freedom of coffee pod brand choice.
  • 80 ounce reservoir for larger portions.
  • One-Touch system makes brewing easy.
  • Can make a variety of beverages, including hot water.


  • It is a larger/heavier machine that may be tough for some to handle.
  • The SS-700 may produce more noise than other options.
  • The mug tray can require some adjusting to stay level.

Like many Keurigs, Cuisinart coffee makers designed for coffee pods are completely programmable. That will allow you to set a number of preferences for the perfect cup of coffee every time you need it.

What Are K-Cups?

If you aren’t very familiar with K-Cups and the like, they are small containers that hold a single serving of ground coffee. The containers are often made from plastic and include a small filter.

One of the reasons these coffee pods have become so popular is because they are easy to use. They don’t require you to purchase extra filters or measure out your coffee.

You can grab a single cup, place it into your machine and push a button. Within seconds, you’ll have a cup of hot coffee that is ready to go.

With many machines that brew coffee this way, you can just place a mug under the spout so that you don’t have to worry about having to use a coffee pot as the middle-man unless you’re making a larger portion.

Initially, these pods were made just for coffee and primarily as K-Cups designed for Keurig machines. However, more recently there has been an addition of more brands that give you a wider variety to choose from.

You will now also be able to find similar pod styles with things like hot chocolate, and iced tea. Because of these changes, it has become a lot easier to make a number of different drinks with just the touch of a button.

So Which Is Better?

This is really going to depend on what is important to you as a coffee-lover.

It’s wise to take into account the cost of K-Cups and how many K-Cup flavors you enjoy. If you don’t have a problem only using the approved coffee pods, then a Keurig may work perfectly well for you.

Otherwise, it can be worthwhile to look into your Cuisinart options, including the popular SS-700.

Also, make sure you have or buy mugs that will be suitable for either option. This can include travel mugs if you often take your coffee on the go.

To help you on your search, we have also included some examples of some more popular Keurig and Cuisinart options:

The Keurig K75The Keurig K75The Cuisinart SS-700The Keurig K75

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