Website Reprise

Here we are in 2018 and the GGC Coffee website is nearly 4 years old!

I can hardly believe we have barely updated the website since that first year.

Slowly but surely we have decided to double down on this website to make it better than ever. We are reworking all of our older posts to make them better, more helpful, and as comprehensive as possible for our customers.

The actually website has been fully redesigned too so hopefully you like it – it’s been a lot of work for sure!

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Brian Mounts

I have been working in the coffee industry since 2013 and have been a professional online publisher since 2009. I am the current owner of and I love all forms of coffee. I roast my own green coffee beans, grind them, and usually make my own coffee daily in either a french press, moka pot, or a pour over coffee dripper. I am a nut for equipment so many of my articles are reviews and comparisons of best selling coffee brewing accessories.

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